International Cooperation

Our project „Age Management: Instrument To Fight Age and Gender Stereotypes“ extends beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. In this international project, we are cooperating with organizations from France, Austria and Great Britain, from whom we are planning to learn about their experience, good practices and the variety of measures used to fight gender and age stereotypes, which might be applicable in the Czech Republic. Contact with our partner organizations will enable us to access professional literature on age discrimination and to build personal connections with our counterparts, who will help us understand the systems in their countries. We are going to use short learning trips to meet with institutions and NGOs in Austria, France and Great Britain who serve the same target groups as us – people over 50 and caregivers. Representatives of these organizations are going share their experience with different methods to improve the position of people over 50 in the job market, such as counseling, client educational programs or crisis guidance. We also hope to learn about the positive and negative stereotypes associated with people over 50 in each country and the strategies used to fight age-based discrimination. In the course of the project, our foreign partners are going to participate in two interactive seminars and one final conference held by Alternativa 50+, o.p.s. These meetings will give us a chance to ask detailed questions and to learn about the solutions to age and gender-based discrimination which are in place in different countries. This type of intensive information and experience sharing across geographical borders forms a key part of our international project. It represents an essential part of building our know-how. Without this valuable learning opportunity it might be difficult for us to really understand the situation of our target group – caregivers and other people over 50.